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Giorgio Armani declares to join the anti- furs brigade row luxury goods is to stand down the absolute being an altar still intention growth

from the end of last year start re- returning to a public
concern brigade environmental protection consciousness within row ,
after the demonstration of Fendi door store, finally haded a new dynamic
state.According to know, Giorgio Armani also started joining the
brigade row of anti- furs recently.

though the luxury goods
dealers all without previous arrangement embraced a silent attitude to
the environmental protection claim before now, recent, Giorgio Armani
declared, will from 2016 autumns, the winter starts and no longer uses
furs inside the clothing series.This is after after, Stella's McCartney
and Hugo's Boss' another the brand that join anti- furs brigade row.

although say that the animal conservators are very angry to the misuse
furs of the luxury goods profession breeze,investigate its basis again
and again, under the sistuation that the current economy slows down, the
economy holds real power a person to push a growth and connived furs
breeze of widely accepted in fact also not so hard comprehend, to
politician, the achievement is more more important than reputation.But
another a, because of the exorbitant profits of of animal furs, can
bring for the brand unexpected keep on income, therefore, vogue furs
and"quarrel"ing of environmental protection have never let up for long
time of time .

however, be subjected to more and more concern of
consumer and boycott, the extravagant brand finally accepts defeat or
improves this circumstance to also can be expected soon.But make
reference to bottom, regardless use need not furs, how use furs and use
what furs, all however is brand's the companies for the sake of the
profits is just.

Hermes 2015 wealth year the wealth report send out Paris to perhaps inherit dissipation but earnings to not yet reach a mark

Paris experienced by European market perhaps inherit and caused
numerous wealths of extravagant brand four seasons degree report all
very difficult see.But the recent Hermes send out 2015 wealth year
wealths report and display Hermes sturdy profit ability.

at 2015
wealth year, the Hermes was international to carry out 18.6% adjustment
business profitses of growth after, although the sale will keep on to
slow down, because of the growth of group, the group decides to raise
14% of the dividendses in last phase to EUR 3.35 per.2015 wealth year,
the Hermes business profits amounts to EUR 1,541,000,000, the better
than market expects of EUR 1,520,000,000, but the business profit margin
then record 31.8%ly to increase, is more leading than extravagant
category profession level.But the group net profit Be smooth to then
have 13.2% rises to EUR 973,000,000.

though the group warns to
UGG Rea Sverige call to be floated by exchange rate influence but cause the group income
increase to have to descend, after the wealth report sends out, fact's
the profit ability of Hermes still keeps running to win to go
together.However, group calls to be perhaps inheritted by Paris affairs
influence, French visitor's level not yet resumes up to now and add of
the subway of Brussels perhaps inherit affairs and equally resulted in
the earnings expectation of current wealth year's adjusting.

however, because of Hermes 2016 wealth year the whole yearses win the
excellent performance for going together at running, though have the
warning to increase to slow down, the dish Hermes stock price still has
3.1% rises early on that day.

The even power that Cholitas petticoat and small gift hat take out exercises victory

probably this is to let people unable to cay or laugh vogue most , probably this is also the vogue that lets person's touches most .If you once saw Bolivia the women wear the complicated petticoat trips and falls down in the on the stage of words, probably you will think like this.

this kind of petticoat that is called Cholitas, it is said that is Spain to step on Bolivia land, after accepting it as colony, Bolivia of the women be all forced to put on this kind of complicated petticoat.In other words, this kind of petticoat that is full of European style come up to say in the certain degree, is like the race dress of Spain very much.Be regarded as a kind of spirit to colonize.

but pass by horary of change, these great of Bolivia women(or, the greatly parts of women all have characteristic like this), from the person people of the past behind work hard in spite of criticism of pay for family, until can be fight a member station central at the platform, face in spite of the men and women all go all out of think the vehemence that the other party put to pour, have already outstripped a women's meaning:In this a moment, they float in the sky of skirt's putting is like also parts of victories that the even power exercises.

Can walking wear a line of impassability?That plays all new characteristic series of life style Swatch to release

front a period of time inside, clock profession and number turn the issue that can wear an of equipments to imitate a Buddha have no didn't rest, but finally still had the possibility to stop.But Be equally used for alternant clock manufacturer and dealer Swatch, the nature will not limit at present.

according to know, recently Swatch and Italian glasses manufacturer Safilo released a sun mirror that life turns series together and was named Swatch The Eyes.The series this time all completes in Europe from the product design, structure and productions.But in designing glasses, Swatch in addition to providing the ex- frame design of circular, square and wing type, a little bit bright is these three before the kind all of frames are freely to substitute of insert type before the mirror frame.

but for letting the young man have more concern to this, Swatch and Safilo totally designed 30 kinds of mirror arms of different assortment pattern, 7 kinds of different colors, can carry out 210 kinds of the possibilities that shape combines.Although the authorities has no on-the-shelf on-line platform to this new series,is only a store sale to believe to will also really make people excited:The assortment combination can even satisfy a hunting of young man strange request.

though could wear to at last lose one war at beating in the battlefield of equipments in the electronics,had the United States to freely take a risk DNA Swatch is obviously similar to CFDA, have to astonishingly forgive a degree to the vogue.Therefore, can this series pull to return to one bureau?

still have to observe.However, Chrome Hearts outlet this colorful highly carry out characteristic allocation again to say, probably ability

Characteristic service one more wave Brayola declares to get an USD 2,500,000 A round margin

in this continuous time, have been flooding in the that time of our ear to still give or get an electric shock the company's news.But these establish time not to calculate long, but can quickly of is giving or getting an electric shock the vogue that the trading company industry occupies a place to give or get an electric shock company's platform, none be not with lend characteristic service but grow up.

vogue electricity company Brayola, be depend on for the female choose more suitable underwear so highly characteristic service to made up the electricity company's platform to serve hard and perfect retail price experience.According to know, the Brayola platform passes to make the customer provide the underwear that don't show face to shine on, other customers carry on vote to decide whether the underwear is suitable, finally make the underwear's expert suggest for and opinion, reach service.

however, even if is to carry out characteristic service, the underwear brand involved by Brayola is only Le Mystere and China song underwear brands, such as Er and Playtex...etc. currently, the platform is more be like three square platform.But after passing this time a margin of being worth of USD 2,500,000, Brayola will buy merchandise's on-line direct selling by oneself.

on these grounds, this time three hurl square mainly Capital and First collected a fund to constitute, been HDS respectively by private twos Time Capital team.

service like this was subjected to many self - helps gradually arrangement the visitor's

this year, Travelzoo travels clan the oversea special feature product that the whole world exclusively develop with all in the cultural environment push toward China market and hope to hold tight this backpacking 2.0 markets, these products come from Chinese oversea backpacking proportion higher popular tour ground, like day, HongKong-Macau region, Southeast Asia and North America, Europe and Australia.A period of time, favor of the route of travel, for example, in Hong Kong the wreath orchid Azure price in the laurel shop is the double of 238 dollars person's afternoon tea, spend fine kimono of 317 dollars experience complete set and go together with a decoration in shallow grass in Tokyo, spend 432 dollars to walk into a traditional family of Tokyo, experience personally orthodox of Japanese culture, spend 150 dollars to receive benefit gulf to go out to sea close quarter to watch especially in California, the United States blue whale Teng to jump etc..

the introduction of Hong Wei say, a lot of products can sell 100 lists in the short run, for example the preference fix menu in restaurant of some well-known cuisine store in Tokyo sold 300 many lists and relatively came from an expectation.Reserved circumstance to see from the great occasion of nation, the popular degree of this depth experience product was very obvious.The visitor generally passes to hold platforms like distance,etc after purchasing backpacking again exclusively purchase these use time opposite and vivid, and can enjoy the product of local preference price, "seem to combine incompletely because price of advantage, but more of because these products have uniqueness."

but Travelzoo tour clan last year the investigation aiming at Chinese customer, then have already discovered that Chinese white-collar worker visitsGuest the reasonableness while visiting in overseas is mature mental state, 70% customers mean if have the budget under equal condition, they would rather increase an overseas to visit repeatedly a time than many shoppings.

nowadays most the oversea tour expert of current come to say

according to world tour organization of data, the departure visits in 2015 of the Chinese almost reach to 100,000,000 and have in the world this year 9% of foreign visitor's number.These Chinese can even spend money than the tour from other nations and provide shopping rebate in 2013 service of round-the-world blue allied 27% in the rebate amount of money of processing is to Chinese.But the around the world is blue allied call, the power of the Chinese oversea shopping is weakening;Chinese visitor the rebate sum for applying for in Europe only increases 18% in 2013, in 2012 for increase 57%.Pu pulls to reach(Prada Group) to call, first half year of descend 1% in the income of Europe, parts of reason are discharge decrease of Chinese visitorses.

another passionate and descendent reason of the Chinese oversea shopping is a domestic and international luxury goods excess fare is letting up gradually.For long time, the luxury goods price of Chinese mainland is always higher than an oversea market, is Chinese consumer to favor offshore[one] motive force of shopping from this, many people's producing to go abroad doesn't buy luxury goods to equal to suffer a los of mental state.According to Exane BNP Paribas data suggest, February, 2013, the luxury goods hand bag price of Chinese mainland market on the average more European Gao Chu's 50% in the market, but the high is 40% now.Therefore, cast aside a tariff factor, if domestic and international"Chinese premium price" disappears, the luxury goods of Chinese consumes a fever very difficult maintenance.

 tiny letter the friend show a few luxury goods hands in turn bag, then have already seemed to be too cheap and lacked personal status, most can get what friend approved also not is follow the tourist group is in taking photograph of famous tourist spot in the world, but insolate to come from F have the cultural activity of special feature in delicacies experience and the region in the oversea famous restaurant, for example at a certain and private luxurious villa of outdoors roast or high level SPA.actice from:

Open to swarm about underneath shoe Lyu brand Sergio of regiment Rossi CEO will leave office

Kering the SA(KER.PA) opened to swarm about regiment to declare underneath shoe Lyu brand Sergio yesterday Rossi chief executive officer Christophe M é the lard left office and joined Sergio in 2009 Rossi's serving as CEO Christophe the M é lard Yi is "stir-fried" because the brand's recent half year accomplishment was what a mess.

7 the end of the month the Kering SA open to swarm about regiment to release half year to report, Gucci the Gucci brand income and profits all and significantly decline, Saint Laurent(YSL) and Bottega Veneta Bao Die house still keep good power head, but because Gucci is luxury goods section half quotas that Gucci has, total performance complicated.In the wealth report Kering of meeting the SA open cloud chief finance officer Jean-Marc Duplaix mean Sergio Rossi can not attain an expectation.

Kering the SA open and swarm about the regiment early has disaffection to the accomplishment of Sergio Rossi, summer 2013 has spread Kering the SA open and swarm about regiment and entrust Mediobanca an Italian middle bank processing of SpA and sell Sergio Rossi of rumours, it is said that the buyer with intention to a catcher includes sovereignty fund in Qatar and Diesel parent company OTB SpA chief executive officer Renzo Rosso.

shoe Lyu Sergio Rossi establish in 1966 brand together, in 2000 drive Kering the SA(KER.PA) open to swarm about regiment(front PPR) to procure.The brand has already experienced a chain of personnel transfers in 2013:In 2 the end of the months, 2013, provided a job for the brand 5 years of creativity director general Francessco Russo declare to leave office, is once connected his work by Angelo Ruggeri.Afterward director general from marketing in market Susanne Nicoletti be appointed for the chief marketing an officer, become the brand chief M é lard left and right hands of Christophe of executive officer.

Ren Chuan Asian Games asks for help of dint"Han Liu"'s eastern breeze to launch intensive publicity

in 2015 the 17th Ren Chuan Asian sports games(call as follows:Asian Games)will soon hold in Korean Ren Chuan Asian Games lord arena for 19 months in September local time.Will reveal according to the Ren Chuan Asian Games set Wei, moment spark in the Olympic flame, JYJ will dedicate to sing the Ren Chuan Asian Games topic song 《Only One 》 and draw back the prologue of cultural performance.《Come from stars of you 》 "all professor" gold shows wise will also on the opening ceremony go on stage to carry on alone performance."Uncle Niao" PSY then will perform to mediumly press stalk to show up in opening ceremony culture.

understand according to Chinese brand clothing net, ever since that time the male leading lady of the Korean soap opera 《come from stars of you 》 with his/her special magic power widely popular Asia, Asian Games this time also ask for help of "Han Liu"'s eastern breeze, prepare to launch intensive publicity outside the world.

in this time publicity ambassador of Asian Games, set Wei will in addition to inviting sport world star to help also specially picked up carefullya Korean actor Xuan Bin and popular Han Liu's stars, such as combination JYJ and Li Shi Ying...etc. serve as to publicizee an ambassador and ask for help of it actively builds power for Asian Games in the domestic and international popularity and the influence, these publicity the ambassadors will extensively participate in the oversea circuit road of Asian Games to play and each kind of publicity expand an activity. from

The series children's clothes of the latest H& M selling price 25% will be used for helping a minority child

H& amp;M originally annual All for Children(everything is for the sake of the kid) the series bring a novel shape and create the fashionable dresses world of dreamlike sort by modern feeling list article.Take sportswear as to design the series' suitable people who are various from age child of inspiration, and will the H& amp that specify in the whole world since October 30;M door store and net up sell.25% of All the for Children series selling price will be used for the child who supports United Nations Children's Fund's(UNICEF) passing education help most a minority to found more fine future.

the series imitate if take you into bush exploration, its list article makes use of different color, veins and pattern and embodies forest pleasant impression, therefore very suitable autumn was dressed in and for example took and had the reflection feather the feather Rong of the pattern vest and had the bat wing hair turn of luminous effect sports shirt while playing, and the form,such as lifting of owl, spends knit fabric cape.

the function is the important special feature of the series, for example take to have floss lining and keep warm inside the Dan of Tu Ceng Mian's coat can bring warmth for children when the air temperature descend;And a style of both sides that takes to have a reflection insect the pattern wears recreational western dress.Gorilla gloves, beetle bag and coon tail etc. go together with a decoration to help to create a hundred percent dreamlike world.

New Development designer Emilia Mravec mean:"We hope to display the all new shape of being full of the vogue and imagination dint matches.The single article of these Rao interestings will raise money for the public-spirited activity of this importance."

H& amp;the M release All at 2009 and United Nations Children's Fund for Children propose, and contribute money the child of the poorest community of USD 4,500,000 help world upper part cent.H& amp;the M provide toward the United Nations Children's Fund of support at the beginning take the south of India and Bangladesh as points, up to now already for over 1,000,000 children's lives bring aggressive influence.The All the for Children series of autumn makes the customer organic to visit relatives this year from participate in and helped United Nations Children's Fund to pass to educate and develop to make the children acquire better life starting point in early days.

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